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GNANLEX® is a premier intellectual property consultancy and legal advisory firm providing high-quality legal and technical solutions for companies & academic institutions in the biotechnology, biomedical, chemical, health care, pharmaceutical, engineering, and other knowledge-based industries. Founded by Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair, our firm provides support to a wide range of companies for filing various IP applications such as patents, trademarks, designs, and copyright, domestically and internationally, as well as help start-up companies using technology licenses from universities and other research centers. We also help our clients to identify and seize opportunities as well as diffuse threats to their intellectual prosperity. 


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Founder - Dr. Gopakumar Nair

Founding Partner & CEO

Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair

Dr. Nair has been actively participating in WTO based negotiations commencing from Uruguay Round. He has interacted on behalf of Industry Associations and Export Promotion Council with Dr. Arthur Dunkel (Dunkel Draft) and US Trade representatives during 1990-1995. Dr. Nair has also contributed extensively to the Patent Act Amendments consequent to India signing WTO-TRIPs Agreement.

In the field of Intellectual Properties, Dr. Nair was the Dean of Institute of Intellectual Property Studies (IIPS) at Hyderabad, India. Presently he heads the IP boutique firm, Gnanlex Associates LLP and is also CEO of GNA Patent Gurukul, reputed and well-known training centre for Patents. Dr. Nair is a registered Patent & Trademark Agent and also Scientific Adviser to the Patent Office under Rule 103 of the Patents Rules, 2003. Dr. Nair is a Ph.D from National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune and has Diploma in Management & Patent Law. 

Dr. Nair is also a Law (LL.B) graduate from Mumbai University and LL.M from Jindal Global Law School.. He is IPR Committee Chairman of Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA). Dr. Nair has many articles and publications to his credit, including valid granted Indian patent, as an Inventor.

40+ years in Pharma Industry as Director, Managing Director & Chairman of various public limited pharma companies, Dr.Nair has also served Industry Associations for more than 35 years in various capacities, latest as President of Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA), during 1999-2000. Dr. Nair is also Editor and Editorial Board Member of various publications and journals, relating to pharma, biotech and chemicals, including IDMA Bulletin and INDIAN DRUGS.

He is also associated with various Educational Institutions such as President, Bharat Education Society, with schools & colleges under its ambit.  Dr. Nair is a founder of CIPROM (Centre for Intellectual Property Management) of which he is presently the Hon. Chairman.

Partner - Sajeevkumar S. Nair

Partner – Trademarks, Copyrights & Designs Division

Adv. Sajeevkumar S. Nair

Sajeevkumar S Nair is a Commerce graduate and a Law graduate.  He is also a P.G. Diploma holder in Patent Law & Practice.  Sajeev is a registered Trademark Agent & a member of Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa.  He has over 29 years of experience in the field of Pharma/IP/TM/Patents.  He is currently heading the Trademark, Copyright & Design Division of the firm.   He has been selected for scholarship from The Japan Patent Office (JPO) to attend the JPO/IPR Training Course for Trademark Experts in Tokyo, Japan organized by The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association [HIDA] jointly with Asia-Pacific Industrial Property Center (APIC) and Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation (JIPII) in 2014.  His practice area includes search, filing & prosecution, handling opposition/rectification matters of Trademarks before the Indian Trade Marks Registry, filing and prosecution of Copyright Applications before the Copyright Registry, Delhi and filing and prosecution of Design Applications before the Design Office, Kolkata.  He has successfully handled thousands of IPRs in India as well as many International TM Applications via Madrid System.

Partner - Ms. Bina Dandekar


Ms. Bina Dandekar

Bina is the head of Chemistry Division, who has a prior experience in teaching Chemistry for IIT students. Bina is a registered Patent Agent having 16 years of experience with us. She is M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry from Institute of Science.

She handles Freedom-to-operate, infringement analysis, drafting, prosecution, oppositions, assisting in litigation, Office Actions, Third Party Observations etc in the field of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, plant & herbal sciences. She has guided pharmaceuticals, formulations, nutraceuticals companies as well as Educational Institutes into strategising and developing their patent portfolio.

She is also involved in daily correspondence with clients as well as foreign attorneys.

Associate - Dr. Srividya Ravi

Consulting Associate, Pune Branch

Dr. Srividya Ravi

Srividya has a Doctoral degree in Health Sciences, a Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences, with a PG Diploma in Patents Law and is a Patent agent.

She regularly deals with drafting, prosecution and litigation of Patents in India as well as globally. She is actively involved in Regulatory Affairs. She is also actively involved in business development.

She has guided wide range of companies, educational institutions, and individuals in developing their patent portfolio.

Partner - Mr. Chirag Dighe


Mr. Chirag Dighe

Chirag is the head of Engineering Division, and a law graduate. He is a registered Patent Agent, with experience of 12 years.

He deals with Patentability Searches, Freedom-to-operate opinion, infringement analysis, drafting & prosecution in India as well as globally, keeping regular correspondence with clients as well as overseas attorneys. He has helped many startups, institutes as well as companies, including defence sector, to develop their patent portfolio. His domain is electronics, IoT, mechanical, computer based inventions, energy devices, medical devices, textiles and product manufacturing etc.

Chirag has briefly worked in research laboratory where optical experiments took place and has worked in automation industry too.

Partner - Mr. Manish Chemburkar


Mr. Manish Chemburkar

Manish, a post-graduate in Bioinformatics and a Law Graduate, and has varied experience. He is a registered Patent Agent, with 16 years of experience in the field of IP.Manish is involved with Searches, including Freedom-to-Operate and Infringement Analysis, providing Patentability Opinion, Patent Landscape Studies, and oppositions. Due to his varied experience, he can draft and be involved in prosecution of Patents across the wide array of fields, in India as well as globally.While working, Manish has collaborated with and guided organisations in the defence sector, formulations as well as pharmaceuticals companies. 

Partner - Ms. Shweta Patankar-Vichare


Ms. Shweta Patankar-Vichare

Shweta is M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry and PG Diploma in Patent Law and Practice. She has 12 years of experience.

She deals with conducting prior art Searches, including Freedom-to-Operate and Infringement Analysis, providing Patentability Opinion, Patent Landscape Studies and Drafting of Patents in India as well as globally.

Shweta has dealt with clients across pharmaceutical, formulations industries.

Partner - Ms. Pranita Mantri


Ms. Pranita Mantri

Pranita is M. Pharm, holds a PG Diploma in Patent Law and Management and is a law graduate as well as registered patent agent.

She handles Patent searches, Prior art analysis and verification, Drafting of Patent applications and responding the Office Actions and First Examination Reports of Patent applications, in the domain of pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals.

She has total experience of 15 years in IP field.

Before joining us, Pranita has worked in several pharmaceutical companies for over 9 years including CIPLA, where she has managed a wide gamut of activities in Formulation Research & Development, technology transfer, in regulatory related activities, and setting up patent cell.

Partner - Ms. Vanija Verma


Ms. Vanija Verma

Vanija is M.Sc. in Biotechnology. She is a registered Patent Agent, with total experience of 5 years. She has completed PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Law from National Law School, Bangalore.

She mainly deals with prior art searches, Freedom to market opinions, Infringement analysis, drafting specifications and prosecution of applications in Biotechnology Domain, and plant & herbal sciences.  

Vanija has prior experience in R&D with some of the well-known pharma companies.

Associate - Ms. Kartika Ravi


Ms. Kartika Ravi

Kartika is Electronic & Telecommunication engineer. She handles prior art Searches, including Freedom-to-Operate and Infringement Analysis, providing Patentability Opinion, Patent Landscape Studies, drafting & prosecution of patent applications.

She has been working with us for 7 years, and works on the inventions related to electronics, electrical, telecommunications, IoT, robotics, mechanical, and related fields.

Associate - Ms. Gauri Bhagwat


Ms. Gauri Bhagwat

Gauri is a M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry and Diploma in Drug Regulatory Affairs. She handles prior art Searches, including Freedom-to-Operate and Infringement Analysis, providing Patentability Opinion, Patent Landscape Studies and Drafting of specifications in Organic Chemistry. She has a total experience of 10 years. 

Associate - Ms. Grishma Vasveliya


Ms. Grishma Vasveliya

Grishma is a Mechanical Engineer. She mainly deals with prior art Searches, including Freedom-to-Operate and Infringement Analysis, providing Patentability Opinion, Patent Landscape Studies and drafting of specification as well as prosecution.

Her domain is in the invention relating to fields of Mechanical, Mechatronics, Automobile, Electronics, Electrical, Biomedical, and Computer science.

Partner - Ms. Jyoti Tiwari

Partner & Head, Paralegal division

Ms. Jyoti Tiwari

Jyoti is our paralegal head. She deals with filing of Patent Applications in India as well as abroad. She is further involved in preparation and filing of various forms relating to patent filing. She is with us for past 15 years.

Associate - Adv. Nishi Ved

Associate, Paralegal division

Adv. Nishi Ved

Nishi is a lawyer and our paralegal associate. She also deals with filing of Patent Applications in India as well as abroad. She is further involved in preparation and filing of various forms relating to patent filing.

Trademark Associate - Mrs. Shreya Janak Parmar

Trademark Associate

Mrs. Shreya Janak Parmar

Shreya is the legal practitioner who specializes in Trademark matters and has prior experience of 2 years.

She handles work related to prior mark searches; filing Trademark Applications; Drafting Objections, Oppositions, Counter statements and other legal compliances. She also handles Trademark Registration hearings.

Ms. Parul Shah

Partner, Head, Finance & Accounts

Ms. Parul Shah

Parul is our Finance Manager and looks after Financial Management, Auditing, Tax compliances and other Law Compliances, Banking, MIS & DATA Analysis, and other organization related affairs.

She has completed Inter CS from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

She is with us since 2002.

Accounts Executive - Ms. Sangita Shetty

Accounts Executive

Ms. Sangita Shetty

Sangita is with us for 9 years, and handles all the accounting, banking and taxation related activities.

Finance Executive - Ms. Pooja Yadav

Finance Executive

Ms. Pooja Yadav

Pooja handles invoices and other accounts related works. She is currently pursuing CA. She has completed her 3-year internship from ICAI.

Independent Counsel - Adv. Praveen Singh

Independent Counsel (Retainer)

Adv. Praveen Singh

Adv. Praveen Singh is an independent counsel and associated with us for many years. He is holding degrees viz. B.Sc., C-DAC Diploma, M.B.A., LL.B & LL.M.  Praveen is a practicing Advocate in High Court. & Supreme Court of India. He is also a registered Patent Agent.

Adv. Mrinal Vishnu Kedar

Trainee-Patent Associate

Adv. Mrinal Vishnu Kedar

Mrinal, a legal practitioner, possesses a bachelor's degree in Microbiology, She is an advocate, who deals with the legal matters relating to IPR. Her duties also encompass conducting prior art searches, offering patentability opinions, and undertaking various associated tasks.

Sayali Shinde

Patent Associate

Sayali Shinde

Sayali Shinde is an electronics and telecommunication engineering graduate from Mumbai University. She specializes in the areas like electronics, IoT, telecommunication, computer-based inventions (including AI/ML), network security, wireless communication, signal processing, etc. Registered as an Indian patent agent (IN/PA 5691), Sayali excels in patent searching, covering aspects such as patentability/novelty searches, freedom-to-operate searches, validity/invalidity searches, state-of-the-art searches, accelerated examination searches, and product searches across different jurisdictions.

Gayathry V M

Trainee Patent Associate

Gayathry V M

Gayathry is a third ranker during her M.Sc. course in Microbiology. Before joining Gnanlex, she has worked for more than a year in a Biotech company as Team Lead, where she supervised manufacturing and designing divisions along with technical support for the sales department.

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