GNANLEX® is a premier intellectual property consultancy and legal advisory firm providing high-quality legal and technical solutions for companies in the biotechnology, biomedical, chemical, health care, pharmaceutical, and other knowledge based industries. Founded by Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair, our firm provides support to wide range of companies for filing patents, domestic and internationally, as well as help start-up companies using technology licenses from universities and other research centers. We also help our clients to identify and seize opportunities as well as diffuse threats to their intellectual prosperity. Though GNANLEX® is an ten year old intellectual property firm, we have unrivalled ability and experience over established firms especially since we are at the right place at the right time and grown amidst the fast changing IP/Patent scenario in India.

Nearly four decades of industrial experience of Dr.Nair at CEO level, has contributed substantially to the success of GNANLEX. During the latter part of this period, and as office bearer and Past President of IDMA, Dr.Nair had immense exposure to Uruguay Round related discussions debates on Dunkel Draft (including with Dr.Arthur Dunkel), WTO and TRIPs issues including with US Trade Representatives like Ms.Carla Hills and Mr. Mickey Cantor, Dr. Arthur Dunkell himself and others.

Over the short span of time, we have been transforming ourselves continuously and considerably, going well beyond our original strengths. We are also committed to expand our consulting capabilities and can now deliver services, par excellence, on global platform.

GNANLEX® handles Intellectual Property matters on assignment basis as well as on retainership basis. We maintain high level of confidentiality in our work as well as with our client relationships. Our vibrant team is fully geared to protect client-confidentiality.

The blossoming future of Intellectual Property will be dynamic and even more challenging especially for those valuing intellectual assets and competing in the global marketplace. We are committed to apply our consulting and analytical intelligence in providing solutions to our client’s challenging needs, problems and issues.